About us

KIDL is a team of software and product development experts with a strong focus on security, quality & performance. We build digital products that last. By being an experienced and competent team, we're able to avoid surprises and focus on the quality of the software we deliver.

Our goal is to become your preferred supplier of digital solutions. We're eager to help technology driven companies achieve their business goals with our help. All that is possible thanks to our great team..


We believe that openness and communication are key to building good software. Once a week we report the project’s progress to you and set the priorities for the next iteration. You can also monitor progress on a daily basis and review the latest version of the project online at any time on the staging server. You can always get in touch with the project team via your project’s chat room on Slack. We adjust our working process based on your needs and flow to deliver result in most efficient way.


Every project is unique and we need to know how your business works, what your goals are and which challenges you need to overcome. We'll proactively come forward with ideas. We reviewing competitors, exploring strategies as well as taking into account market and design trends and technologies. The only way to solve a problem is to understand it from every angle. A dedicated project manager will keep things on target and keep you informed.


We are your technological partner and will not leave you alone with any technological issues. We will always help you with the product development, implementation and system maintenance. The code we create belongs to you, and you have full access to it from day one. We keep your business confidential, and we are happy to sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and DPA (Data Processing Agreement) agreements. We use the SOLID principles for returning high-quality and easy-to-read code. We anticipate and avoid obstacles by working smart at the onset and all along the way. You can always count on us in case of emergency. On top of that, we strive for our applications to have a "self-healing" system that can respond to issues by itself. When the project ends, our relationship sure doesn’t. We’ll be around for support or to discuss your next goal.