Our approach


  • We run cloud-based infrastructure on Google Cloud, AWS, Digital Ocean and ave experience with configuring and maintaining a Kubernetes infrastructure and docker-based deployments.
  • We create fast, user friendly and secure web applications tailored exclusively for your business goals.
  • Our technologies of choice are Node.js, GoLang, PHP for backends and Express, Koa, React, Vue for our frontend and many-many more to provide fast and secure solution.
  • Our developers have a wide experience with social network, payment , marketing and business tools integration


  • Our team follows agile software development methodology.
  • We prototype early, test and re-evaluate our assumptions.
  • We work in week-long cycles and maintain constant communication with product owners.
  • We review the tasks as they're completed which enables us to continuously validate the value of the product and easily implement changes.
  • Transparency and effective communication is one of our core values.


  • We use feature branches and Pull Requests to document our work on a specific feature.
  • You get an entire ‘team experience’ package, including QA testing and lead developer mentoring.
  • All our projects delivers with documentation for API and front component.
  • Quality assurance, automated tests, test-driven development are crucial parts of the development process.
  • Each line of code is checked by another developer (code review) to ensure quality of code.
  • We perform multiple usability tests with potential customers to make sure we deliver product which people will love.


  • To get your product to the market quickly we use the agile workflow, which allows us to deploy working software very early.
  • Our work is based on weekly iterations. We want you to start off each weekend by enjoying new working functionalities.
  • We put a lot of effort into minimize response time for our services. Our internal requirement is to deliver front view under 2 sec even on 3G network.
  • We perform stress tests and speed test to maintain its high quality at all times.


  • We have sufficient experience that allows us to develop applications with state-of-the-art security measures.
  • We implement privacy by design, so privacy will be taken into account throughout the whole engineering process.
  • All services we deliver is GDPR compliant.
  • We provide backup systems and appropriate logging at the application level, which will help you if anything goes wrong.
  • We are your technological partner and will not leave you alone with any technological issues.
  • We keep your business confidential, and provide NDAs (non-disclosure agreement) and DPA (Data Processing Agreement) agreements.